You Think You Know Colombian Coffee ?

     The country of Colombia is blessed with the ideal geography and climate for growing superior coffee. Colombian coffee is renowned the world over for its rich, mild and smooth flavor.
     Coffee grows best in volcanic soil between the elevations of 4,000 and 6,000 feet, with the best-tasting coffees grown at the highest elevations. Coffee must also grow between 30ºN and 30ºS (known as the coffee zone or “bean belt”) and in places that are frost-free with at least 80 inches of rain a year. Today, Colombia’s coffee growing region is located between the cities of Cali, Medellín and Bogotá, and is known as the Eje Cafetero or Coffee Axis.
     For Monica, Gil and Jake, their primary goal is for customers to taste and appreciate an outstanding Colombian coffee featuring natural and bold flavor profiles. For Monica, the Caferros operations also offers an opportunity to remain connected to her homeland and heritage. The Jimenez family is committed to providing customers with an exceptional coffee experience as well as sharing a bit of Colombian culture.
     While Colombian coffee has always been prized by coffee lovers for its superior flavor, historically, there have been difficulties in sourcing large amounts for importing into the United States. Thanks to Caferros “boots on the ground” team and family members in Colombia, the company is uniquely positioned to be able to source ample quantities of premium Colombian beans. In addition to the coffee produced on the Caferros farm, team members test and grade coffee beans produced on other coffee farms in Colombia to ensure the bean quality is consistent with the coffee produced at their own farm.
What makes Caferros coffee special? 
     To begin with, Caferros coffee is 100 percent naturally grown in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. The beans are hand-picked to ensure they are harvested at peak ripeness. Then, the skillful local miller uses a proprietary method for his special milling process. And finally, Caferros’ Master Roaster roasts all of our coffee by hand in small batches to ensure even color, precise flavoring and roast consistency. We roast using the highest quality German Probat Roasters with an integrative Roast Profile System to ensure consistency for each and every roast profile.
     In addition, Caferros has the harvesting capabilities to source coffee from over 100 farms located over the vast region of Antioquia surrounding our personal family farm. All coffee is then directly sourced and graded by our quality control team in Colombia to ensure consistency in the quality of our Colombian coffee, while meeting customer demand.
     Once the Harvest arrives in our Roasting Facility located right here in San Antonio TX, we then package and seal into our "Grain Pro Bags". These specially made containers are able to hold up to 1 Ton of our Colombian Green Beans, Sealed Up Air-Tight to ensure freshness. Sealing out the oxygen kills infesting insects, microorganisms, and also inhibits mold growth. Caferros wants to recognize the procedure and steps it takes to ensure a high-quality product.