Small Batch Roasting


At Caferros, we take great pride in our artisan coffee roasting process. We roast each small batch of coffee with care, patience and the utmost attention to achieving ideal and consistent roast profiles.


After we select our roast profiles and the roasting process is complete, we undergo several more steps in the production process. We immediately destone, grind (depending on variety), and package the coffee to ensure a fresh and wholesome product. Destoning is  an important step to  make sure there is no foreign material in our coffee beans, such as small pebbles, tiny pieces of wood or other elements.


For our flavored coffees, we take freshly roasted coffee and tumble the whole beans with all-natural flavoring elixirs to ensure even distribution. We use strictly natural flavorings with no artificial additives. The extracted liquids we use are created by pinpointing the naturally-occurring alcohols found in the desired spices, herbs, nuts and fruits.  Our most popular flavored coffees include Texas Pecan, Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla and Coconut Fudge.


We take these extra steps at every stage of the coffee roasting, production and flavoring processes to ensure a Colombian coffee experience that is unsurpassed.