DIY Cold Brew

It’s hot out there! But don’t worry - Caferros has you covered! We’ve mastered the perfect cold brew recipe and since so many have asked us how we make our cold brew so good, we’ve decided to share the secret.

Directions for Cold Brew:

1. Begin with coarse ground coffee (we recommend purchasing a coarse grind coffee preparation from the Caferros online store) to get the best cup of cold brew!

2. Utilize a mason jar (or any large container with a lid). Start by placing course grind coffee into container.

 We use a 1:2 ratio of coffee to cold water for our Cold Brew

- 1 measuring cup of Caferros course ground coffee = approximately 3oz of coffee (weight)

- 1 measuring cup of coffee needs 6-8 cups of cold water depending on strength (More water = a lighter brew)

- (1 cup (3oz) = 6-8 cups, 2 cups (6oz) = 12-14 cups)

3. Mix until well combined, cover and brew for 8 hours, in the fridge or at room temperature.

4. Once brewed, strain through a filter or sieve into a large bowl to remove grounds. Throw away leftover coffee grounds. Repeat filtering process until residue is removed from bottom of container. 

5.  Serve your cold brew over ice with milk and sugar as needed! Seal and store remaining cold brew in refrigerator. If stored properly, it’s good in the fridge for 3 weeks (but we predict you’ll drink it faster than that!)



  Caferros Cold Brew